Protocol Overview


D-Squared is a DeFi Quant Vault-based protocol built for the crypto-native ETH community. It delivers actively managed quant-trading strategies to DeFi-native users on Arbitrum and Avalanche. It aims to provide robust technology security, risk management, and composability.


D-Squared offers a range of strategies tailored for different risk appetites and on different platforms. Each strategy has its own dedicated vault, operating on an epoch system. Users deploy funds into their preferred vault at the beginning of the epoch and then withdraw or rollover funds at the end.


We currently offer the following:

  • GLP++ (Avalanche): Goal is to outperform GLP on a risk-adjusted basis over the long run. Up to 80% of capital is allocated to vanilla GLP and around 20% is allocated based on opportunity within the strategies overall delta range (-20% to 100%);

  • GM (Arbitrum): Goal is to simulate an options payoff during extreme volatility in either market direction — bullish or bearish. It can return up to 250% of your investment while risking up to 100%;

  • ETH++ (Arbitrum): Goal is to outperform an “average-user” ETH allocation on a risk-adjusted basis over the long run. Vault's delta exposure will be between 20 and 200% of ETH while, on average, it will have less downside volatility than ETH given the efficient use of optionality.

More vaults will be added over time.

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