The D-Squared protocol will ultimately become governed by the community. HessianX and BWS Labs will steward the protocol until ETH-like decentralization can be gradually achieved. It is not a DAO, but a Decentralized Joint Venture (DJV). In this sense, D-Squared is stewarded towards decentralization by the joint venture partners rather than by a DeFi DAO.

D-Squared will engage token holders, vault investors, and community members when making protocol decisions but the creation and approval of all governance proposals will be determined by the joint venture partners alone. In this sense, D-Squared is currently governed more like a private corporation than a DeFi DAO.

There are several key aspects of the platform that are controlled via governance. Some of which include:

Introduction of new vaults

D-Squared intends to expand its product offering beyond the core three vaults we launch with (GM, ETH++, GLP++) and we may withdraw existing vaults.

Fees passed on to investors

Fees are earned as a percentage of Total Value Locked in each vault. The exact amount, timing, and distribution of these fees may change over time. We are targeting 50% of all fees to be passed on to staked DSQ holders.


D-Squared is currently partnered with GMX and Camelot, and also uses a number of other protocols in executing our trading strategies. We intend to build additional partnerships as we grow.

Platform Rewards

D-Squared does not expect to generate significant fee income until TVL is considerably higher. Until the protocol reaches self-sustainability on fee income alone, we will reward users with a combination of esDSQ and tokens offered by our partners. The details of how rewards are implemented can be expected to change frequently based upon market conditions and user adoption.

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