GLP++ Strategy Summary

Core activity:

  • Trades $GLP on AVAX — which is a basket of different tokens composed of mostly $AVAX, $ETH, $BTC and $USDC in different ratios.

  • Up to 80% of funds are allocated to $GLP (the basket of tokens), while 20% is dynamically allocated to $AVAX / $WETH / $CAI / $BTC individually using a momentum model to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities on the Avalanche blockchain.

GLP++ is designed to take advantage of the low volatility of $USDC (which makes up ~50% of the weight of the $GLP token) and provide yield from the trading fees paid by GMX to $GLP holders.

GLP++ aims to outperform standard $GLP primarily by deploying 20% of funds to $AVAX/ $WETH/ $CAI / $BTC using a momentum model courtesy of the BWS Trading Engine with total leverage of up to 5x.

This 20% will feature a higher upside than just investing in the standard $GLP token.

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